3 Most Prevalent Dog Eye Conditions in Current Times

Eye issues are pretty common in canine fur babies. While some conditions are mild and easily managed at home, others can be severe, threaten the dog’s eyesight, and demand medical attention to hopefully set things right.

Eyelids, cornea, conjunctiva, sclera, lens, and retina are some of the most affected parts of a canine fur baby’s eyes. So, keep a check on them to identify symptoms early and seek treatment as soon as possible to help reduce pain and discomfort for the puppy.

Consider buying pet health insurance while the puppy is still young because even cheap dog insurance policies don’t cover pre-existing medical conditions, most likely seen in adult and older dogs. For optimum coverage, it is best to contemplate purchasing a policy early.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn the three most prevalent dog eye conditions in the current times.


In this condition, there is an increased pressure in the eye. Usually, fluids flow in and out of the eyes to balance pressure. In Glaucoma, either too much fluid goes in, or there is a drainage issue leading to elevated pressure.

Some early red flags of Glaucoma in puppies are redness, eye pain, and visible blood vessels on the eye whites. A puppy’s eyes can swell up and become more painful as the disease progresses. Know that the cloudy cornea is due to bulged eyes.

In the beginning stage, the condition can be treated with medications that help lower fluid production and enhance fluid drainage. Contact the vet to know a puppy’s eye condition.


In this condition, the central eye region appears cloudy because the lens has lost its transparency. It can affect one or both eyes, be caused by other diseases, or be inherited.

Diabetes can cause a cataract. The soaring glucose levels in the bloodstream can swell up the lens, lead to chronic inflammation, or even rupture the lens.

A puppy can develop a cataract because of aging. So also, a cataract can form due to infection or inflammation of the eye. Vets may advise a cataract surgery to help improve the vision.

3.Retinal conditions

The retina is that part of the eye located in the back. It has cells, namely rods and cones, that absorb and transmit light signals to the brain. This part is what permits mammals to see the world. Some dog breeds inherit retinal diseases. For example, this condition is often seen in dogs belonging to Papillon, Irish Setter, and Briard dog breeds.

Other medical conditions leading to retinal issues are the distemper virus, fungal infections, SARD syndrome, ivermectin toxicity, high blood pressure, and Glaucoma.

Some eye conditions are reversible with medical help, and others can cause significant vision loss or blindness. If a puppy has vision issues, take them to the nearest pet emergency hospital. To help preserve a puppy’s eyesight, timely vet intervention is necessary.

Get the required medical assistance but consider being prepared with pet health insurance so dealing with unanticipated vet costs doesn’t have to be a financially cumbersome affair. Have a cheap dog insurance policy in the least to take undue stress off potentially hefty medical bills while providing a puppy with the health care it deserves.

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