How Xbox Game Pass Compares to Other Gaming Subscriptions

Today games are easier to buy and play than ever before with access to the internet and digital distribution services like Valve’s Steam platform. But thanks to game subscriptions we no longer have to pay full price for one game to play it.

Just like video streaming services like Netflix, there are multiple subscription services just for games including EA Play, Ubisoft+, PlayStation Plus and more. But at the top of most lists is Xbox Game Pass.

Any of the top IT Support Services in London can tell you that Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is one of the best value-for-money game subscriptions on offer currently. Game Pass launched in 2017 as part of the Xbox network and allowed users access to a rotating library of video games that can now be played on Microsoft Windows PCs, an Xbox console or even the cloud. As long as users have an active subscription, they will never lose access to all their games. And this subscription isn’t exactly expensive either, depending on the country it generally starts at about £9 a month.

Users will have access to hundreds of games from the day they release including Xbox exclusive games and third-party publishers. While a standard subscription is sure to do the job there are different kinds of Game Pass which includes a Console Game Pass, PC and Ultimate.

The Console Game Pass was the original subscription but has expanded over the years to hundreds of games. Currently, there are over 400 available games with this tier of subscription. Users also have no limit to the number of games that can be played at a single time, but you are limited to console-only gaming.

The PC Game Pass launched later in 2019 with its own library of games that is slightly different to console with the games that aren’t available on console. This game pass also has the bonus of including EA Play access so that users have access to additional games and discounts.

Game Pass Ultimate is the best of both worlds with some additional benefits. With this subscription, users can have all benefits of Game Pass Console and PC but you can also play on any device including the cloud. You will also still have access to the EA Play vault. This option is the more expensive subscription tier but at £13 it’s well worth it.

So how does Xbox Game Pass compare to other subscriptions on the market and what makes it worth buying? Price aside Top IT Support Company, TechQuarters, suggest looking at what games you’re most interested in playing and just preference of offerings.

Xbox Game Pass will always offer more than 300 games at a time so it’s not like you’ll ever run out of options. The fact that the games are also not only Xbox exclusives but also third-party and EA Play is a major bonus. You’ll have access to the most beloved and popular games including FIFA, Skyrim, Madden, Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto and many more. However, there are many third-party games available but admittedly some do wish there were more.

Compared to other subscription services, Office 365 Consultancy providers can assure you that Xbox offers significantly more value for money. Other subscriptions like PlayStation Plus might be cheaper but offers fewer games and other benefits.

The only exception that might make you reconsider the Game Pass deal is if you’re limited with the console you have or if you specifically want access to games exclusive to other services like Nintendo Switch Online with games like Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, New Horizons and more.

In conclusion, for the price and the access get, Xbox Game Pass is absolutely worth the price. If you’re on a budget this subscription service will be the one to beat and the more expensive tiers are not that much more but have benefits that others don’t have.

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