Is Stephen Curry Cheating on His Wife?

Stephen Curry has long been accused of cheating on his wife, Ayesha, but no official source has come forward to confirm the allegations. The allegations against Curry first surfaced when the basketball star’s wife was expecting her third child, Canon. The allegations were first reported by a website known as The Fumble. The website cited a Twitter user, Nana Adom, as the source. She later denied the allegations and cited a source as a former stripper.

Although Curry and Ayesha are not publicly declaring their relationship, there is no doubt that they are having an extramarital affair. They were married in July 2011, just a month after the NBA star and his wife Ayesha began dating. Ayesha and Steph met at a youth group in their church. They were married in July 2011, and their relationship began shortly after. While the couple appear to be one of the most perfect couples in the world, netizens are claiming that Steph has been unfaithful.

In addition to accusations of cheating, Curry’s parents have reportedly split. Dell and Sonya Curry had split in August of last year, and both women were seen together at Curry’s Game 4 during the NBA Finals. The couple were reportedly seen together in a family photo, with Steven Johnson and Nikki Smith. In addition to the allegations of cheating, Curry’s parents also play basketball together. But whether or not Steph Curry is cheating on his wife remains to be seen, but it’s possible to make up your mind.

Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry have three children together. The couple married in 2011 and have three children together. Their marriage has been praised by many as a model of loyalty and faithfulness. Ayesha and Steph are Christians and credit their faith for helping them through rough times. If their marriage is indeed on the rocks, then it would be better to stick to what is working for them. Just remember that you can’t prove anything with a celebrity blind item, but you can always make an educated guess.

Dell and Sonya Curry’s separation was finalized in March 2020, a couple who had been together for a decade. Sonya Curry’s new boyfriend is Dell’s former college roommate, a man named Steven Johnson. The two met when Curry was a student-athlete at Virginia Tech. They got married in 1988 and vowed to remain connected. However, Curry’s wife alleged infidelity after the separation.

The Warriors are in the playoffs now, and their superstar has been a top player for over a decade. They have been to the finals six times, including last season. Curry has won two MVP awards, including the regular season, but he has yet to claim the top individual honor during the Finals. That could change in this series. The Warriors are currently 3-1 in the Western Conference semifinals. But will it win? Only time will tell.

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