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If you love silent films, you should see Jay and Silent Bob movies. The movie is an all-time classic and has become a cult favorite. These two actors have starred in several films together. But how do you find out which one is best? Read on for some of their best movies! You may be surprised by what you discover! There are a number of great silent-films out there that you can watch!

Mallrats: Although not technically a silent-bob movie, Mallrats is a comedy film that is a bit more like a romantic comedy than it is a horror film. Jay and Silent Bob play secondary characters, providing helpful advice for the main characters. In this film, they are just the sort of characters that people enjoy. You can even find them in the title character of a silent movie!

The movie has many memorable scenes. It has the most memorable scene where Jay and Silent Bob meet a black man, Rufus. The black man is the Apostle who was excluded from the Bible because of his race. However, he is able to save Silent Bob from prison by revealing to him that he has homosexual fantasies while masturbating. In addition, Jay and Silent Bob are also responsible for a great deal of comedy throughout the film.

The latest installment of the Jay and Silent Bob movies, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, continues the antics of the titular characters. Unlike the previous films, the reboot is an inside joke that continues to be funny while also moving into a different realm. Among its many references, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot also parody the airline industry, which is a staple of Kevin Smith’s work. Despite the film’s age, it is still a cult classic and should be on your list.

In the first movie of the series, Jay and Silent Bob are superheroes. Like Batman and Robin, they spend the first movie in love with Justice, a girl who catches their eye. They end up getting together in a way that suggests that there is no inner conflict. However, the sequel Jay and Silent Bob Reboot does not feature a sexually explicit scene. Instead, Jay and Silent Bob’s sexuality is a joke that appeals to a wider audience.

Both characters have interesting hobbies. For example, Jay is fascinated with video games and music. Silent Bob enjoys heavy metal music and the heavy metal band King Diamond. The two also have mutual interest in dance-pop groups Morris Day and the Time. Jay and Silent Bob first met as infants in Leonardo, New Jersey, in front of a Quick Stop Grocery. Their mothers were shopping at the store when the two met. Jay’s first word was “fuck,” and Silent Bob shouted back at him.

In the second movie, Jay visits Justice in Chicago, where she has since married Harley Quinn Smith. Justice introduces Jay to Millennium Faulken and Soapy. In return, Jay promises to take her to Chronic Con, a wish fulfillment convention. They end up getting lost along the way. Jay and Silent Bob films

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