Revealing How To Play 5-Card Poker Game Jun88 Correctly

How to play the 5-card Poker game Jun88 will help participants better understand this card game. Learning how to play international standard poker will open the door for you to earn bonuses. The content of this article you absolutely cannot ignore if you want to win big with 5-card poker.

1.Overview of the 5-card poker game Jun88

The Jun88 5-card Poker game is based on a traditional version originating from European countries, this is a bonus game that uses a standard deck of cards and has the same rules as 3D poker. This card game is divided into several betting rounds, each round is an important decision. Players will choose by hand or discard based on many factors.

How to play the 5-card Poker game Jun88 originates from European countries

Initially, the Jun88 5-card Poker appeared not to receive attention because the amount of money needed to play was quite large. However, later on, the card game became known for its attractiveness in each round. Many people consider this to be an interesting bonus game, showing all the qualities of each participant.

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It’s really not an exaggeration to say that playing 5-card poker requires a lot of skill. From the ability to see the game, evaluate the opponent, observe skills, analyze, …

2. Each round of play for the 5-card poker game Jun88

To start a game of 5-card Jun88 poker, the two people to the left of the Dealer must bet first. This is called Blind, then play 5 card Poker according to the following process:

As a first step, the player is on the left side of the small blind.

The next player will place a big blind and the rule is to be 2 times (small blind).

According to the rules, players must place their bets before the dealer begins to deal. The allotted time to bet is 25 seconds for each 5-card poker hand. There will be 2 face up cards and 5 face down cards.

2.1 Round 1 or round flop

According to the rules of Poker 5 cards Jun88 in particular and international standards in general in the flop round will be based on 2 cards. The player to the left of the table owner takes the first turn.

The participants take turns to check the cards, can discard, follow, bet, … at will. Exercising clockwise, the flop will not be checked. The round ends when all bets are equal.

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4 emotional rounds of 5-card Poker at Jun88

2.2 Round 2

In round 2, Dealer Jun88 will turn over 3 cards placed in the middle of the table, players will combine with 2 cards in their hand. At this point, evaluate yourself whether your hand is high or low and continue to decide whether to follow or discard.

The person on the left hand side of the dealer with the small blind will start the 2nd turn first. The action in round 2 is called discard, bet or raise without a check like in round 1. The way to play 5-card poker Jun88 is still regulated, the next player to make the round will follow the left hand of the previous player.

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2.3 Round 3 or Round Turn

According to the way of playing 5-card Poker Jun88, the turn round, the dealer will turn over the 4th community card. Those in the small blind position make the betting round and in the opposite direction of the 2nd round.

2.4 Round 4 or River

In this round of 4, the 5th River card will be opened to decide the winner, the loser. Usually this round is not enough for players in rounds 1 and 2. Because only strong hands go to this final round, the feature is that the prize money will be very large.

After the end of 4 betting rounds, if there is more than 1 person left, the river is opened. The person with the high hand is the winner and the whole pot belongs to that person. When it comes to this round, everything will be decided, the emotions of the whole game often focus on this river card.

3.Terms and stages of playing 5-card Jun88

The overview of the 4 rounds above will tell you how to participate in Jun88 5-card poker. But in order to comply with international rules, here are the basic terms when playing. To enter bets and play 5-card poker, these terms are hard to ignore.

Betting Round 1: Using the term Pot small blind, the big blind is the bet that must be placed.

Deal Round 1: The dealer will deal 2 cards to each player.

Bet Round 2: Called the bet or preflop.

Deal Round 2: Deal round or flop round will deal 3 cards.

Bet Round 3: The player uses 3 newly dealt cards to match the 2 cards in his hand.

Deal Round 3: The turn will have the 4th card dealt

Betting round 4: Bet round turn

Dealer round 4: River round, dealer Jun88 will deal the 5th card

Betting round 5: River betting round.

Deal Round 5: The showdown round will turn all the cards out and get the final result.

Screenshot 3

Basic terms, poker stages participants must know

In all the card games Jun88 offers, 5-card poker is considered a really scientific, intellectual and easy game to play. Studying and applying the information above will help you approach this game. Come to the house, experience and you will have knowledge and tips to receive rewards later.

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