The Best War Games for PCs and Consoles

War games are one of the most popular genres among gamers of all ages and around the world. These are often games with a dramatic plot because war is always destruction and death on all sides of the conflict. Sometimes these are slots at and simple browser games. But these are also large-scale projects, the events of which can cover the most different countries in the world and even entire continents.

Here are the top of the best war games for PC and consoles. These are both spectacular first-person shooters and strategies with large-scale combat operations covering large territories. All these projects should appeal to most fans of such entertainment because they have been highly appreciated by critics and the players themselves.

Arma 3

Combined-arms simulator, the entourage and gameplay of which is based on a major armed conflict in the not-too-distant future. Although the game has a fictional setting, the gameplay is as close as possible to the conduct of real combat in modern conditions.


  • A huge open island of nearly 300 square kilometers.
  • A large number of real and fictional military vehicles and firearms.
  • A wide choice of modes, including modifications developed by the community.


  • Uncomfortable vehicle control.
  • Poor optimization.
  • Vulnerability of the game to cheating.
  • High cost and the need to buy DLC, without which a lot of content won’t be available.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

It’s much more tolerable than the revolutionary for its time, not shamefully outdated by modern standards of the Cold War Crisis. The main problem with the game, for which it was heavily criticized upon release – it received a lot of simplifications compared to the origins of the series.

Heroes & Generals

It’s a massive online shooter about the Second World War battles. One of the biggest advantages of the game for most players – it is free. The gameplay is very similar to Battlefield, so there is no hardcore and realism. But in terms of conveying the atmosphere of World War II and immersing players in its realities, Heroes & Generals has proven to be good.

Rising Storm Series

It’s a series of realistic tactical first-person shooters. The first game focuses on the battles of the Japanese against the Americans in the Pacific theater during World War II. The second game is about the war in Vietnam. The gameplay is based on asymmetric mechanics, which takes into account the real features of equipment, weapons and tactics of the opposing parties.

Post Scriptum

It’s an online shooter with a lot of system requirements, which are actually a sign of very inept optimization – because the graphics here are at best in 2010. In addition, with a lot of bugs, which like to take advantage of dishonest players. The game is dedicated to the Second World War, and the atmosphere is given quite well, and the shooting mechanics, unlike the above described casual Heroes & Generals and Hell Let Loose, is more realistic (a soldier dies from 1-3 hits), which ensured Post Scriptum a place in the list.

Red Orchestra

This series includes two tactical shooters about World War II. The main emphasis here is on multiplayer with fighters of different classes, as well as military equipment. There is a system of fighting spirit, weapons and equipment correspond to the real samples, the targeting system and ballistics are very accurate. In the second part there is a full-fledged campaign, while in Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 there is only a single-player mode with bots.

Insurgency: Sandstorm

A hardcore team-based shooter that allows you to play in cooperative and competitive modes. The game offers a large selection of real weapons, controlled vehicles, a lot of maps 16×16 and 8×8, complex targeting system (no crosshairs when shooting from the hip), the ability to customize the fighter and upgrade weapons for different purposes and combat conditions.

Hell Let Loose

This multiplayer World War II-themed shooter offers a grand battle with hundreds of players and the support of vehicles and artillery. One of the latest additions to the genre, Hell Let Loose is based on Unreal Engine 4 and its maps are based on real battle scenes, based on aerial and satellite imagery.


Another great online shooter, where up to a hundred people can take part in a battle. However, this time dedicated to modern general army combat. Players not only fight as infantrymen but also control various types of modern military equipment, artillery and even build the simplest of fortifications. The game is designed for close team play and the experience will 100% depend on who and against whom you get to play.

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