What are the Different Training Aids for Volleyball Available in the Market?

People who love the volleyball game will enjoy reading the article since it’s based on the different training aids for this game. Volleyball is a popular sport that is played worldwide to support team spirit. Those eager to build a career in this game should get some important information from this article. Volleyball is an entertaining game that helps people to stay active and connect with friends. It has multiple physical and mental benefits. There is various training equipment available in the market to better gaming skills. Before discussing them, have a quick look at the benefits of playing volleyball –

  1. Improves overall health: Volleyball can help in improving the overall health of the player. It helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases and improving muscle gain. It can eliminate the symptoms of depression.
  2. Burn calories: It is a game that causes intense calorie burn. According to studies, a 30-minute volleyball can burn up to 336 calories.
  3. Boost hand-eye coordination: Volleyball players must pay special attention to the ball using their arms. Controlling the fast-moving ball regularly helps in improving hand-eye contact.
  4. Promotes social interaction: Practicing volleyball can help acquire valuable opportunities to interact with friends. It is a great scope for boosting the feeling of happiness, making the player feel valued and loved.

Different training aids for volleyball

Spike trainer basketball hoop: The first and most important volleyball training equipment is a spike trainer. This one is perfect for a player to improve the hitting speed, jumping technique, arm swing technique, and proper ball contact. It is suitable for solo practice. Look for an inflatable ball with a set that can easily fit the basketball hoop. It is easy to adjust to enhance hand-eye coordination for quick results.

Solo trainer with the self-returning ball: People who want to practice volleyball all the time without the help of another person may purchase this useful training aid. It has a waist strap attached to an elastic strap holding the volleyball. No need to waste time chasing the ball after every hit. This unique training aid can screen the hitting and serving techniques with the flexible volleyball trainer.  The players often face abstraction due to the limited space. But the attached ball with the waistband is perfect for training in a small space.

Jump training resistance leg bands: In volleyball, the legs should be strong enough to make jumps properly. The jump resistance bands for legs are perfect for preventing collapse and enhancing the strength of the muscles. It’s perfect for practice squats or gym use for bouncing exercises. The strength of the legs is essential for any type of sport. It has a rubber foot ring with an adjustable wrist rope to increase the resistance.

Blockers: The blockers are made to help the players in blocking drills. It comes in a set of four, five, or six. Place them on the net to create a controlled block. They come with a foam pad on the top that can be securely placed on the volleyball net. It is also a piece of great training equipment for beginners to practice alone anywhere, anytime.

Setting technique improving band: Serving, passing, setting, and spiking, are the four basic steps for this game. This training aid features plastic knobs that rest on the palm. The adjustable band perfectly fits the hand, reinforcing the control.

Spike trainer: Hitting techniques require a lot of practice. The right volleyball training can help in improving the spike skills. They are lightweight, durable and perfect for use at camps and clinics. This was all about the role of volleyball training aids regularly.


After knowing about the training equipment it is important to know how to purchase them. A lot of gaming stores are available worldwide that offer branded gaming equipment. Invest in a top-quality brand which has long been serving the gaming industry with top-quality gaming equipment. It’s all about improving the gaming experience. The volleyball gaming aids are available for online purchase as well. But make sure to choose a reliable platform to make the purchase.

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