What is underdog? Instructions on how to beat the master extremely effectively

If you are a novice gamer and don’t know yet What is master fainting? or how to beat the master in the most accurate and effective way, don’t be too confused or worried. Because in reality, under is a form of lottery with a higher winning rate and many tips to help players win quickly. We invite you to learn more details in the article New88 Please share below.
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What’s the underdog?

Underdog, also known as three-card lottery, is a popular form of lottery today. Three-digit under is played based on the last three numbers in the southern or northern lottery results.

In general, under the main lottery players are classified into forms such as under the southern lottery depends on the results of the southern lottery, under the northern lottery is taken from the northern lottery results. There are also other forms such as fainting in backpacks.

Many gamers who are new to the lottery world think that playing under is more difficult because instead of playing two numbers like normal lottery numbers, here it is three numbers. However, if you have valuable experience gathered from longtime lottery players, the underdog will no longer be difficult for you.

The reason why Sic Bo is popular and becoming more and more popular is because it can meet the players’ need to win quickly and win big. Normally, you will win the prize value up to 400 times if you play under the head and tail, and under the lot will be worth 30 to 40 times more. It’s truly a very attractive game, isn’t it?

How to beat the master like an New88 expert

The reason why Sic Bo has a higher difficulty but still receives a response from a large number of gamers is that, in addition to the high win rate, the gameplay is not much different from playing traditional lottery. In this next part, we will guide you on how to play the master in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

Under the head

As mentioned above, the main under is based on the three-digit result of the station. However, for the first under, you need to correctly predict the numbers that will appear in the three-digit prizes, that is, prize 7 of the traditional southern lottery results.

Under the tail

For under, you must accurately predict the last three numbers that will be in the special prize of the northern traditional lottery results. This is also the basic difference between the two forms of leading and tailing.

Under the bag owner

The way to play Xia Chua Bao Bao is almost similar to the way to play Bao Bao that you often play. The only difference is that you will have to play one more number so there will be three numbers in total. In the North, there will be 23 prizes, while in the Central and South there will be 17 prizes. This is also something you should keep in mind.

Instructions on how to beat the master extremely effectively

Some extremely good and highly accurate ways to play faint, verified by those who have fought in the game for many years, share as follows:
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Play spiritually

This may sound blindly emotional, but it’s actually one of the methods you can try. Because spirituality specifically contains hidden messages of lucky numbers sent in every dream that can bring you luck. Decoding the exact meaning of your dream can completely change your life.

Play under the master according to statistical analysis

If you still don’t believe in your dreams, this method will be suitable for you. With this way of playing, you will compile statistics on the pair of lots with the most numbers in the last 5 days in the special prize or prize 7, prize 8. Then, you calculate their total and combine them into the pair of numbers that will be collected. Get 3 new numbers to win this afternoon’s three-digit lottery.


In addition to explaining what the underdog is, the article also reveals to you valuable experiences to become more confident when playing the underdog. Wishing you fun playing, winning big and bringing home valuable rewards.

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